Collection: Parsian | پارسیان

Welcome to 'Parsian' a unique limited collection by Morvarid. Our team has crafted this line as a heartfelt representation of support for the courageous women of Iran and as a resounding symbol of freedom for women worldwide.

In this collection, we proudly declare that every product in this collection is print-on-demand and is offered on a non-profit basis, with price tags that solely cover production, shipment, duty and tax costs. This means that when you wear or display a piece from this collection, you're not just showcasing stunning design and quality, but also standing in solidarity with the cause.

Together, let's spread the message of 'Women, Life, Freedom' far and wide, and empower women everywhere.

"Some products in this collection will be discontinued by the end of September, while the price tags on remaining items will be adjusted to ensure profitability"